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This year our week of celebration centers on giving back. Start thinking of your local CSR activity now! Not only are we celebrating Services and the wonderful job we do every day executing great events, but we are also recognizing how many giving back opportunities there are, and how these can be incorporated into events in our local communities.

During the week of August 3-7, take the initiative to plan celebration events in your local cities. What are the reasons and benefits of doing this?

  • A great opportunity to meet and network with fellow service professionals in your community
  • This is a great time to introduce other service professionals to ESPA
  • And this year, it’s a way for camaraderie surrounding giving back in your community.

Read more below for details on how you can get started and make a difference in August!

Don’t forget to log in your event here using this response link!

Questions? Contact ESPA Headquarters at 609-799-3712 or info@espaonline.org.
Register your event here! A quick way to notify ESPA of the basic details of your event.

What to know about ESPA’s National Celebrate Services Week

1. What is it all about?
ESPA created this week of celebration for a few primary reasons:

  • To create a week aimed at getting local CSMs together...to create camaraderie and possibly be a springboard for future gatherings
  • To celebrate what we do! Being a key partner with meeting planners for making great meetings happen. That’s cause for celebration in and of itself
  • To grow our ESPA ranks. This is a great week to bring new CSMs into the ESPA mix – invite prospects and let them know about ESPA.
  • To support ESPA’s PR effort – getting the word out to the meetings industry media about the important role of Convention Service

2. How can you get involved?
Host or attend a local celebration. We are looking for our wonderful ESPA members across North America to spearhead a networking event on this week. ESPA will help give you the tools to plan it...and our members know better than anyone how to host an event.

ESPA hosted a special “Host 101” Webinar for all members who were interested in hosting an event but are unsure of how to get started.

3. What type of events can members host?
This is really up to you...It’s all about getting Convention Services professionals together for an enjoyable networking experience, or for learning.

Congratulations! Tampa Convention Center is The 2015 Celebrate Services Week Winner!

2015 events that were held around the country.
2014 events that were held around the country.
2013 events that were held around the country.
2012 events that were held around the country.

Here are a few ideas:

  • Networking reception at a member venue
  • Gather in a unique location or to do an activity unique to your area (i.e. a gallery, a famous site, a sports venue)
  • Have a fun theme for your event…(for example, Hats off to Services, and have people wear fun hats)
  • Social or community outreach event
  • ESPA Webinar
  • Give away gift certificates or prizes and announce this in your invitation
  • Host your own local CS of the Year Award
  • Have music at the event

The intent is for our member venues (hotels, centers, CVBs) to rally and offer the space for the event without cost. The food and drinks can either be sponsored locally, or can be done on a cash basis. The purpose is all about networking.

ESPA will award the host with the most creative or unique event with a complimentary Annual Conference registration. The recipient will be selected based on a combination of: theme, promotion, unique ideas incorporated in the event, event follow-up with Headquarters.

4. Who should you invite?
Invite your local ESPA members. Get their contact information on www.espaonline.org. The member directory on the ESPA website can be searched by city and by state. And of course the local CVB will have contact lists for other non-member CSMs who should be invited as future (hopefully) ESPA members!

To invite your local community, create an invitation and send it to your fellow CSMs. Remember to include the date, time of your event, location and the theme.
Get creative…take a look at the invitations used by the winning city, Fort Worth, in 2010.

5. How will I know if an event is being planned in my location?
ESPA will be posting the list of local events on this page of its website, including who the primary contact person is. Reach out to them to see how you can help...and if noone from your city is listed…why not be a host?

6. How do I let ESPA know that I will host an event?
Click here to register your city's event. Once compiled, we will be listing all registered events on a separate page.

7. How will ESPA help me promote the event?
Use the Member Directory as a tool and ESPA also has this press release “template” so you can send it to the local paper.

8. What do I do the week of the event?

  • Meet and greet your guests...have a welcoming committee
  • Pass out ESPA Flyers to help educate your guests of our great organization
  • Pass out the ESPA’s Management Talking Points to all attendees – this is a helpful document for CSMs to get approval to join and attend ESPA functions. It conveys why continuing education for CSMs and ESPA membership is key to the success of their venue.
  • Collect names of ALL attendees (name, title, address, email, phone) so that they can be provided to ESPA This is important, especially for prospective members that attend – ESPA wants to recruit them!
  • Take pictures!

9. And after the event?
- ESPA has a Flickr page where we will ask all of our event hosts to upload their event photos. We can’t wait to see everyone at their individual celebrations.

- Follow up with these attendees again in the future – it is a great way to open the door to more networking with those who know your profession best. This is a great way to meet local colleagues and make new friends.

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